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Holistic healing

  • Love yourself

  • De-stress your life

  • Free your mind

  • Sleep peacefully

  • Lose weight

  • Tone the body


We are controlled by our heart which contains all the issues of life. Free your heart to free your mind. We act on what we think. Our thoughts are directed by our beliefs. We believe what we know. It's impossible to know what you don't know. When we know and believe real TRUTH life takes on new meaning with Faith and Hope.

Only the TRUTH will set us free

How's Your Life Working For You?

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Healthy Weight Counseling


We all want to feel good about ourselves, but many have trouble reaching that healthy weight where the body begins to heal itself and be strong enough to fight off the sickness and disease that we are all sure to come upon.


We all could  use some help reaching our ideal weight goal.  Not knowing how to start is a reason many fail.  I have developed a Daily Checklist for Wellness & Weight Loss Success  that will show you the areas where you may need to give greater attention.



All things work together for the good.  Neglect any area of your life and you open the door for pain and suffering, sickness, or disease. Visit



Spiritual Truths to Live Well